Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Tuesday morning I'll be leaving for San Jose, on my way to the Google All-Stars Summit at the Googleplex in Mountain View. BIG YAM, the Parsons Agency won an all-expense paid trip to Google's headquarters for this annual gathering of the top Google Partner agencies in the country.

 When I get back, I'll give a summary of what we did and learned while at Google.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

What's In A Name?

Okay, so "Dub Dub Dub Dot Frese Dot Net" is not the best title ever for a blog, is it? Trouble is, I can't think of anything better right now, all right? Leave some suggestions for me, and I'll give them due consideration! There will be prizes for the very best contributions!

Birdwatching in Scottsdale

So, I wanted to get a video of some sparrows using our front yard as a dust bath. They'd cleared off some gravel from a patch by the sidewalk. They'd done it before, and I was always puzzled by what the purpose of these patches was. I finally found out Thursday after I got home from work. Three sparrows were simultaneously using a newly cleared off patch as a birdie day spa. Looked like it was a lot of fun -- for the birds.

Yesterday when I got home, I placed my cell phone on video camera mode, and put it up against a landscape light to capture the little scamps making dust clouds in my yard. Thanks to my daughter, who faithfully feeds the birds, I thought there would be a good chance they'd be back. Instead, my camera caught a family of quail making their move towards a fine feast underneath the Texas ebony tree.

Who can tell me how many quail chicks are in this fine brood?